Upcoming Events

The tournament will be playing Rocket League Game

Time: 1-8pm (arrive at 12.30am to allow for setup time)
Age 10-18

Pizza and drinks included
Address:Unit F5 Inspire Business Park, Carrowreagh Business Park, Dundonald

Prizes :
1st £200
2nd 60
3rd headset
1st 100
2nd headsets

Tournament Layout:
The Tournament layout will be determined based on the number of participants registered by the deadline.
Here are the different tournaments that may be played:  Single Elimination

Esports – Player Code of Conduct
Esports should be an open and welcoming environment, where all parties involved feel safe, have fun and
develop their skills. To create such an environment, we need to take personal responsibility for how we behave
toward other players. By following the rules set out below, we make the Esports environment a safe and fun
place for everyone.
As an Esports player, I adhere to the rules below:
• I will not use any profane language, nicknames or other expressions that would insult another player.
• I will not use language that refers to sexual violence or other violence.
• I will not taunt the other player and I will show good sportsmanship before, during, and after the game.
• I will respect the game being played and control my temper.

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