E-Sports Content Experience​

What your package will include:


  • Your event will be hosted by a qualified esport tutor and a Game Locker coach for maximum immersive experience.
  • Esport tournament will run over the 2 hour, the students will be divided into groups and split between tournament competition and the supporting modules of Streaming, Shout Casting and Content creation.
    • Streaming: The streaming experience for young people will include showing them how to create overlays for their streams, teaching them how to use OBS software to run their stream and promoting internet safety by showing young people how to safely use a twitch account which is appropriate for their age. 
    • Shout casting: The young person will learn how to shout-cast (commentator) over various games. This will include teaching them how to research the information that they need for maps, players and game types.  Then they will be able to talk over their game streams effectively.
    • Content: The young people will learn how to create content for videos on youtube or other social media platforms. This will include camera work and how to use a green screen. 
Esport Content Experience Package  £ POA
  • X10-18 students
  • Tudor and Coach
  • Competitive tournaments (Selected from major titles to suit group)
  • Dedicated content time for all students
  • Time slots – 2 Hour’s min
  • Additional hourly rate thereafter. £POA

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